Operate and Maintain Chainsaws Training AHCARB205A

Course Fee Applies. Contact Us for details. Chainsaws are one of the most useful as well as dangerous tools a worker can use. This course is designed to educate personnel who use a chainsaw about safety, maintenance, use and handling. Participants will gain an understanding in what contributes to accidents and how to avoid them, hands-on and practical work planning strategies, understanding compression and tension and cross cutting fallen timber. Training workers and developing skills that reduce variables and mitigate risks associated with chainsaws and cutting techniques is the general theme of this course https://cz-lekarna.com.

The unit of competency (AHCARB205A) covers the process of maintaining, preparing and operating hand-held chainsaws in a work environment and defines the standard required to: select, use, maintain and store suitable personal protective equipment; carry out routine checks and maintenance on chainsaw; apply appropriate chainsaw technique and cutting methods according to manufacturer’s specifications and documented low risk work procedures; assess and minimise environmental impacts of chainsaw use; maintain records of chainsaw training and certification, risk assessment and use.

To pass the course and to receive your certificate of competency, you must be deemed competent in theory and practical elements. We have a duty of care to our students — so if a student can’t use a saw properly and doesn’t know the theory material, then we must fail them. If you fail the course, then there will be no certificate issued and you will need to return on another day.

Course Requirements
Trained Up provides PPE, Chainsaws associated equipment but all candidates are required to wear steel toe cap boots.

Method of Training
Practical, demonstrations, instructions and theory

Method of Assessment
Theory and practical assessment

Recommended every 12-18 months