Operate a Mobile Chipper Mulcher Training FWPHAR2206

This course is designed for all personnel who operate a woodchipper machine in the workplace or are involved with mobile chipper operations, providing participants with the skills and knowledge to operate a woodchipper in a safe and efficient manner. Accidents involving chippers are a significant concern for tree care and landscape employers, the employees who operate the equipment and manufacturers alike. Trained Up has created the Chipper Operator credentialing course. This one day course is designed to train tree care employees in hazards, as well as accepted practices for brush chipper operation and other associated tasks. The course, which is built for crew members who often do not receive formal training opportunities, will increase employee involvement with overall safety compliance and self-policing.

The unit of competency (FWPHAR2206 Operate Mobile Chipper/Mulcher) covers operating a mobile chipping or mulching unit to chip or mulch timber refuse such as branches and other timber waste left after felling operations.

To pass the course and to receive your certificate of competency, you must be deemed competent in theory and practical elements. We have a duty of care to our students — so if a student can’t use a saw properly and doesn’t know the theory material, then we must fail them. If you fail the course, then there will be no certificate issued and you will need to return on another day.

Course Requirements
Trained Up provides PPE, Chainsaws associated equipment but all candidates are required to wear steel toe cap boots.

Method of Training
Practical, demonstrations, instructions and theory

Method of Assessment
Theory and practical assessment

Recommended every 12-18 months