Licence to Operate a Elevating Work Platform (EWP) Over 11m

Successful completion of this course will result in a Statement of Attainment for the operation of an EWP (over 11m).

This course is suitable for all participants from those who have no experience to experienced operators.

Learners must have a basic understanding of English. For example, learners must be able to read and understand what is being said and reply to questions verbally in English. Please refer to “Important Language Literacy and Numeracy Requirement information” found on our website or contact us for further information.


  • Compliance with WHS Licensing legislation
  • Types/Uses of EWPs
  • Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Inspection and Pre-Operational Checks
  • Safety/Warning Decal Interpretation
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Set Up and Operate EWP
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Shut Down EWP

Course Outcomes
On successful completion of the EWP training and assessment program, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment – TLILIC2005 Licence to Operate a Boom Type Elevating Work Platform (boom length 11 metres or more) and be eligible to apply for a National Licence to Perform High Risk Work (Class WP).

HRW Licences are valid for 5 years from the date of issue. To apply for your HRW licence, you must lodge your HRW assessment paperwork and application form at an Australia Post outlet together with a passport sized photo and pay the prescribed processing fee within 60 days of completion of your final HRW assessment. Failure to lodge your paperwork on time will result in you being an unlicensed operator and further training and/or assessing fees will apply after the 60-day period.

2 days training attendance then (up to) 1 day for assessment, typically 0.5 days for assessment.

The overall course duration can depend on your previous skills and knowledge (both relating to EWP’s and other skills and knowledge), your Language Literacy and Numeracy skill level, and how quickly you learn.

Your training includes both theory and practical components. There is some assessment during the training component and then a Final Assessment (Safe Work NSW assessment).
During the 2 days training attendance – You will be assessed throughout and at the end
of the training component of the course to determine if you are ready for Final Assessment.

If you are not “Ready for Assessment” then your trainer will detail how you can become
ready for assessment. “Ready for Assessment” means that with further study and revision
of your learning you have a great chance of completing your assessment and attaining your

Final Assessment – Once you are “Ready for Final Assessment”, you may continue to your Safe
Work NSW Assessment.

Assessment may take up to a full day depending on how many people are being assessed on the day, and how well and quickly you complete your Theory Assessment.